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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

FUT 20: Method To Get FIFA Coins (Credits) Fastly

  If you are a loyal fan of the FIFA game, then you probably know that accumulating FIFA Coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is of fundamental importance to create the team of your dreams and become more and more competitive. So in this FIFA 20 Coins guide, we will explain how to earn these coins as easily and quickly as possible. Now let's begin.

  It's pretty known to all that The FIFA Coins are the currency of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team in-game, once you have got enough FIFA Coins, which means you can purchase new players, packages, and of course, consumables in the catalog. These coins can be acquired inside this game itself, without having to put your hand in your wallet. Now let's check what are the best activities that let you earn FIFA 20 Coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

  First Of All: Use The Boosts For The FIFA Coins:

  As a matter of fact, in the FIFA 20 catalog, you might notice the boosts for the FIFA Coins, those consumable items that allow you to earn more credits when games are finished. Once you have the chance, we suggest you acquire these consumable items in order to multiply and speed up the gain of the FIFA Coins.

  Secondly: Sell More Consumables In The Game:

  Since we referred to the consumables in the last paragraph, now the second method to get FIFA 20 Coins is sell more consumables, consumables like position modifiers and contracts can offer you some extra income, which is a quite nice way. And usually, these objects always come in handy, but if you have someone more you can always sell the extra ones on the market. In particular, consumables such as the most sought-after position modifiers can be sold for thousands of coins. We also get the latest report that says a quick sale function is coming to FIFA 20, this feature will make it much easier to get FUT 20 Coins by discarding those unwanted items.

  Thirdly: Play In Division Rivals And Squad Battles To Earn Coins: 

  After you get the FIFA Coins boosts, do not hesitate to take the field by playing in the Division Rivals and Squad Battles modes, through which you will make several extra rewards just based on your weekly performances. There's no need to worry too much about your results and try to play as many games as possible.

  What's more, in FIFA 20, the maximum number of teams that you can face in Squad Battles has been changed. Now every 7 days you can play up to 40 games, with the selection to redeem the related weekly prizes. Which is so exciting news for a lot of players.

  Fourth: Take Part In The Rose Creation Challenges:

  Pink Creation Challenges are, in fact, a great method to get packages and try to get valuable players, especially by tackling advanced challenges. Be sure you keep all the players found in the packages and do not sell them out right away, cause even the most unexpected players could be useful to accomplish one of these challenges over the weeks.

  Meanwhile, players should always keep an eye on the guides that provide solutions to the Pink Creation Challenges, because the players listed in them will see their market value increase. Try to solve the challenges your way, using the players that you already have in your club. If you really have to buy players to complete them, try to avoid the ones suggested online.

  Fifth: Sell The Right Players At The Right Time To Get Coins:

  Apart from offering a method for getting packages, Rose Creation Challenges also allow you to make smart trade on the FUT market. As long as you have finished a Pink Creation Challenge, please take note of those that give the best rewards and then consult their requirements. If there are some players in your Club to help them complete the match, those players might have received an increase in their market value. It could be the right chance to sell them and in the meantime, earn some extra credits.

  In particular, the advanced Pink Creation Challenges could be the most difficult to finish due to the more complicated requirements to be met. If you have already finished that challenge,  then you need to check the prices of international championship players such as Argentina or Brazil, because they could have a much higher market value (particularly in the early stages of the season).

  Sixth: Last But Not Least Treat The Top Players Smartly:

  Please note that this advice is aimed primarily at players who will use the FIFA 20 Web App in very early access. If now you are lucky enough to find one or more top players in the bonus packages in advance, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sell them immediately. In the very beginning, their price might seem very high and appealing, but if you wait for this game to be published for everyone, at that time, you will notice the prices of these players will continue to increase due to the fact that many players will try to buy them.

  With just a little patience and waiting for the right time to sell them, a few thousand legit FIFA 20 Coins could be added. Of course, do not wait too long, though, because at some point the prices will start falling again. Try to choose the optimal time to sell those big players in the first week or so.

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